Manage Messages

The Messaging screen lists all of your organization's messages based on trip segment (e.g., flight, hotel, car, train) or supplier (e.g., Hertz, Southwest).

  • For information on traveler location-based messsages, see the Population.

Here you may create, edit, delete, and activate or deactive messages. Click the Flight, Hotel, Rental Car, and Train tabs across the top to see messages for each type of transportation.



Create a Message

For information on creating messages, push notifications, and actionables, see Create a New Message.


Activate/Deactivate a Message

Instead of deleting a message, you may pause it without losing its content. Click the green Active button in the Status column to set a message to Inactive.


Inactive messages are only visible on the Messages screen in the Travel Manager Portal; they will not be sent to users. Click the orange Inactive button to reactivate the message and its distribution schedule, making it visible to users.


Edit or Delete a Message

In the Actions column, click the blue Pencil button to edit a message and/or its schedule.

Click the purple Trash button to delete a message.


On the confirmation screen, click Delete.



Note: Messages that contain logic not currently supported by the Travel Manager Portal will display "Managed by Emburse" instead of the edit and delete buttons. To request changes, contact your Emburse Customer Success Manager.



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