Travel Manager Portal Overview

Emburse Go Premier's Travel Manager Portal allows administrators to create messages travelers will see in the app and via push notification, manage preferred ground transport methods by city, update travel advice by country, and contact Emburse Go support.


The Messaging screen allows you to create messaging scenarios for your travelers. You may configure push notifications or actionable messages on itinerary items like flights and hotels that are sent when specific criteria you set have been met.

You may set up messaging based on trip segment (e.g., flight, hotel, car, train), supplier (e.g., Hertz, Southwest), or traveler destination. 

Messaging may be sent via:

  • An alert in the Emburse Go Message Center
  • A mobile-device push notification for travelers who have them enabled
  • An "actionable" or banner on a traveler's Emburse Go timeline


The Population screen enables you to quickly and easily reach out to groups of travelers visiting specific cities or countries. Messages will appear for Emburse Go users in the app's Message Center. You may also choose to send a push notification to travelers who have them enabled.

Transport Overview

The Transport Overview screen allows you to manage the preferred ground-transport methods displayed in Emburse Go, based on country and city. Choose which types of tranport you wish to promote, in order of preference, by hiding or recommending them individually by location.

Risk & Safety

Support your traveler base by enabling Travel Advice on their mobile devices via the Risk & Safety screen. Travel Advice may be set per country on three levels: Allowed, Check With Manager, and Not Allowed. You may also edit the label of each level to match the tone of voice in your travel program.

Contact Support

The Contact Support link enables you to submit an Emburse Support request that will be monitored by your Customer Success Manager. If necessary, contact your CSM for Emburse Support log-in credentials.

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