Message Types

There are three types of messages you may create for Emburse Go users.

  • Message Center: An alert in the Emburse Go Message Center
  • Push Notifications: A mobile-device notification for travelers who have them enabled
  • Actionables: A banner on a traveler's Emburse Go timeline

Message Center Messages

The Message Center allows users to read, revisit, and delete messages to easily keep track of flight changes and other important updates.

Users access the Message Center by tapping the Messages icon in the bottom bar menu of Emburse Go.


You may choose to add a URL to the message that users may tap to access further information.


Push Notifications

A push notification is an automated message sent to a user by Emburse Go when the application is not open. It will show up in the notification center on the user’s mobile device and, if enabled, it will appear on the device's lock screen.

This is the best way to communicate with your users about important events like flight cancellations.

Note: In order to receive Emburse Go push notifications, users must enable push notifications in the settings on their devices and specify where they want notifications displayed.


When you create the push notification, you will be able to specify what happens when users tap it. You may choose to take the user directly to the message in the Message Center or directly to a deep link of your choice. See the "Messages" article for complete details.



An actionable is a message that appears in a user’s Emburse Go Timeline and is triggered by a trip segment, like a flight, a hotel reservation, or a car rental.

Actionables always appear at the top of a trip segment and usually include a call to action.


Users may tap on the actionable to expand it in the timeline. You may choose to add a URL to the actionable that users may tap to complete an action.









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