Access Trip Details

Users can stay updated on their travel plans by viewing the Trip Details page in Emburse Go. The travel details of planned Trips, including booking information and directions, are updated automatically after Trip Items are added to their Emburse Go Timeline. This allows users to stay up to date on departure and arrival times, gate information, as well as the best travel routes. 

This article shows you, an Emburse Go User, how to access and manage Trip Details.  

1. Open your Emburse Go Timeline. Any planned Trips should be listed at the top of the page.


2. Trip Summaries are listed on the Timeline. Select Edit from the Three-dot menu to manage Trip Details.


3. From here, change the Trip Name and the Start and End Date of your Trip.


4. Choose the Trip Item that indicates the beginning or end of a trip by clicking the Arrow icon.


5. Tap Save to apply your changes.

6. Return to the Timeline. Under each Trip Summary are Trip Items

7. Click on each Trip Item to see its Trip Item Details

Depending on the type of Trip Item added to a Trip, its Trip Item Details can provide a variety of information for a user. 


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